Satish K. Pandey

Postdoctoral fellow
Faculty of Mathematics
Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
Haifa, Israel

Office: 810 (Amado Building)
Phone: (+972) 04-829-3005

Curriculum Vitae

About Me

I am currently a postdoctoral research fellow in the Faculty of Mathematics at the Technion, working with Orr Shalit.

I completed my PhD in Pure Mathematics in 2018 from University of Waterloo under the supervision of Vern Paulsen.

Mathematically, I am a descendant of Gauss, Euler, Halmos and Hilbert.


Research Interests: Operator Algebras, Operator Theory, Frame Theory, Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces, Quantum Computation and Quantum Information Theory.

Research profiles: Google Scholar   MathSciNet   arXiv   ORCiD

In Preparation

7. S. K. Pandey, O. M. Shalit, The reproducing kernel Banach-Mazur distance and geometry of finite sets in the unit ball, in preparation (2020).


6. M. Gerhold, S. K. Pandey, O. M. Shalit, B. Solel, Dilations of unitary tuples, preprint (2020). [arXiv:2006.01869]
5. S. K. Pandey, Universally symmetric norming operators are compact, preprint (2017). [arXiv:1705.08297]

Accepted or Published

4. P. Ganesan, L. Gao, S. K. Pandey, S. Plosker, Quantum majorization on semifinite von Neumann algebras, Journal of Functional Analysis (2020). [arXiv:1909.10038]
3. S. K. Pandey, V. I. Paulsen, J. Prakash, M. Rahaman, Entanglement breaking rank and the existence of SIC POVMs, Journal of Mathematical Physics (2020). [arXiv:1805.04583]
2. S. K. Pandey, A spectral characterization of absolutely norming operators on s.n.ideals, Operators and Matrices (2017). [arXiv:1610.02095]
1. S. K. Pandey, V. I. Paulsen, A spectral characterization of \(\mathcal{AN}\) operators, Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society (2017). [arXiv:1501.05869]

PhD Thesis

S. K. Pandey (2018). Symmetrically-normed ideals and characterizations of absolutely norming operators. UWSpace. []